is a website founded by a group of high school students, supported by music lovers and professionals, and dedicated to the promotion of advanced music instruction in high schools across America, particularly in subjects such as music theory. was founded in April, 2002 when AP and Honors music theory courses, along with other advanced music education programs, were dropped from the curriculum at Lexington High School in Lexington, South Carolina after twelve years of strong success.

Lexington High School's music programs have consistently earned national recognition for the high school. Its band, chorus, and orchestra programs continually receive high honors. This is why the decision to discontinue music theory at Lexington caused an unsettling concern among its music students.

My name is Ashley Wells. I have been involved with music beginning at a young age, and have accumulated a multitude of experiences during my years of musical development.

As any teacher or administrator would agree, knowledge is an essential factor in achievement. Therefore, it is natural that the knowledge of music gained through the study of music theory would enhance one's abilities. Although many clinics, numerous private instructors, and music directors gave me valuable experiences as a musician, one musical experience changed my perception of music profoundly and permanently.

The AP music theory class taught at Lexington High School by Dr. Elisa Moskovitz helped me appreciate music at a much deeper level. Having a knowledge of music theory enhanced not only my appreciation for music, but also my ability to interpret music as a performer. Without my knowledge of theory, I would have never understood why I loved music.

After completing Dr. Moskovitz's course, I began to look into the prospects of pursuing graduate study in music theory, and began to develop an interest in composing as a medium to learn, expand, and express.

I am not the only one with such dreams, a passion for music, and a curiosity to learn more. Music students at Lexington High School and all over the world, whether they be former, current, or prospective theory students, share the belief that music theory is important to any musician and crucial to those planning to pursue music as a career.

Musicians may comprise only a small portion of a student body, but their impact and contribution to society is unquestionably wide and invaluable. is fully cognizant of the difficult financial decisions most school districts face. However, we believe that school administrators are often unaware of the effect that advanced classes such as music theory have on students and the quality of the education that a school offers.

Our goal in creating this web site is to collect the thoughts, concerns and feelings of students, teachers, professionals, and anyone who appreciates music, in order to provide information that may be presented to administrators in any school district that is considering funding or eliminating music theory classes or, for that matter, any advanced music education programs.

Note: This effort was entirely sponsored and directed by the students of Dr. Moskovitz, who was unaware of our efforts when we first started this website. We felt she would be pleased, however, since she has always taught us to be independent thinkers.

Membership in is open to all who share an enthusiasm for music education. This includes students, parents, teachers, professors, music professionals, and music lovers who support our cause.

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