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03/18/04 - Oops! We recently moved our website and just discovered that our MEMBER and GUESTBOOK sections were not working properly and some unfinished pages were placed online accidentally. Everything's been fixed now ... and we hope to add more content to the site soon. If you visited us earlier and had trouble with any of the pages of our site, we apologize for the inconvenience.

02/24/03 - March Is Music In Our Schools Month! You can help to raise awareness of this celebration in your own community. Click here to learn more and browse some advocacy ideas.

10/22/02 - Good News! - School has started again and many of you may be wondering about the final outcome concerning the cancelled AP Music Theory class at Lexington High School this past spring.

After having her theory program eliminated from the curricula offered at Lexington High School, AP Music Theory teacher Dr. Moskovitz has moved to another high school in the area, White Knoll High School, where she now serves as Choral Director and Music Theory Instructor. Upon her arrival, White Knoll High School agreed to offer a Music Theory I Honors course this year (2002-2003) and will offer AP Music Theory starting next fall! Lexington High School students will have the option of commuting to White Knoll High next year to participate in Dr. Moskovitz's AP Music Theory program.

06/11/02 - In The News Again! - A community newspaper in our hometown of Lexington, South Carolina ... the Chronicle & Dispatch-News ... recently ran an article on our cause. Thanks to editor Jerry Bellune for this invaluable publicity.

Download The Chronicle newspaper story - 160 KB PDF file

05/12/02 - The State Newspaper, the largest in South Carolina, heard about our website and decided to do a feature column on it.

In an article appearing in the Sunday, May 12th edition of the paper, columnist Claudia Smith Brinson provides some great insight about our cause as well as some quotes from our founders, our school district, and our AP Music Theory teacher. The story also reveals that our school district is now planning to reinstate AP Music Theory classes at Lexington High School by offering the course every other year. Thanks to The State newspaper for helping us publicize our cause.

Read The State newspaper story online

05/05/02 - Elmo Speaks Out! - We've added a new page featuring Sesame Street's Elmo under our 'Why We Need This' section. Thanks to Joe Lamond, President of NAMM—the international voice of the music products industry—for granting us permission to post this page.

04/14/02 - 'How You Can Help Us' Section Now Online. We've listed six ways you can help our cause. If you can think of any more, click here to e-mail our founder.

04/10/02 - Officially Goes Online.